Yoga Teacher Training

Why do I want to deepen my yoga practice? Why do I want to embark on Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga has been a constant through the past seven years of changes in my life. Changes from single to married and many changes in me through tons of personal growth as a result of this relationship. Also, changes resulting from my decision to become a parent - prenatal, water-birth at home, and post-natal. And most recently a career change from downtown corporate businessperson to working from home launching a new Coaching business.

I believe that yoga teaches foundational concepts that are applicable to any subject. I also believe that my coaching training through Personal Best Seminars consists of foundational concepts that too are applicable to any subject. I am very interested in understanding where the connections are between the two modalities and believe the yoga foundations will add to the knowledge that I bring to coaching and will make me a better person and a better coach.

Why train with Sarah Wilson? Sarah Wilson was my first yoga teacher. (I continue to experience several others, all with their own gifts, some I feel more connected to than others.) Sarah gave me the gift of self-permission. Permission to notice and listen to my body and my self and to act based on what is true for me, and my body in a particular moment. I am and will be eternally grateful to her for this gift.

I think, and feel with every fiber of my being, that yoga is the right choice for me to learn the next piece of what I need to learn on this planet at this time, and that Sarah is a divine gift and avenue of my learning.

I offer here some of my learning as I deepen my yoga practice.

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