What is in flow

In Flow is where we are at peace. We all know what it feels like to be in the flow, things are easy, effortless, almost magical. In the flow means connecting to your own inner guidance through listening to your body, breath, emotions and intuition. Ultimately being in the flow means communicating with your teacher within. The truth is within you. It is within each of us.

About DJ McLean

DJ McLean I am Donalda Joan Anne McLean, a Canadian, living in Calgary and sharing my life with my loving husband Mike and our terrific toddler, Kathryn Rowan Delenn Larocque who graced our lives with her presence January 24th, 2004. She continually inspires us to laugh, live and love.

I love to cook, garden, travel, hike, read, photograph, meditate, practice yoga and be creative in every way I can. I do not like to clean. I reach for bigger things with open eyes and open arms. I challenge my self, and the people around me to be, do and have more of the experiences we want in life.

Why do I coach? I coach because I love it. When we love something and bring ourselves to it, we bring the very best we have. To quote Anne Wilson Schaef, "Learning to access my true self and my oneness with all things allows me to love."

I completed my coaching certification through Personal Best Seminars and am a member of International Association of Coaches (IAC) and as such subscribe to an international code of ethics.

I bring to my coaching clients:

  • Love and heart and a safe place to explore self-transformation
  • A passionate belief in every person’s, in your, innate and infinite capability to know your self and create the results you want.
  • 25 plus years of self-discovery and rediscovery (stuff I did not get paid for.)
  • A BComm. from The University of Calgary (completed part time while working full time.)
  • A wealth of business and people experience gained from 20 plus years in Retail Management, Not-For-Profit Fundraising and Volunteer Management and most recently 7 years in Human Resources and Technical Recruiting within Information Technology and Telco, (stuff I did get paid for.)
  • Reiki Level I and II attunement
  • Yoga Teacher Training (in process)

These skills along with a loving curiosity, astute intuition and generous heart make me a coach you can work with, count on, and collaborate with, as you unfold your transformational process. I care about all my relationships and strive to hold a vision big enough to challenge, motivate and inspire my self and you to take the risks that we know deep with in us, we need to take to grow, to be the biggest self, to play life large and shine with the love and abundance we so richly deserve.

I look forward to meeting you.
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What I believe

I believe that each of us is infinitely capable of:

Is DJ the right Coach for me?

You might be asking yourself, "How will I know if DJ is the right coach for me?"

That's easy. Meet me and listen to your inner knowing.

I like to start with an introductory meeting or phone session of about 30–60 minutes.

We have an opportunity to check each other out and create a mutual understanding about what each of us brings to this relationship. We will complete a 10 minute exercise intended to quantify our compatibility from a values perspective. We will get a sense of how what I have to offer can be of service to you or if I can suggest someone else who may be better able to serve you.

Coaching is a relationship and just like any relationship to be satisfying it must be balanced and serve our highest good.

Please call or today to book your free introductory session.

Experiences of DJ as a coach

“DJ is a wonderful coach. She is warm, compassionate and wise. She has an amazing ability to ask just the right questions, pull the threads and unravel the truth. She has an incredible array of creative options for any situation and has helped me to expand my possibilities thinking. The time spent processing my current issues was absolutely wonderful and of tremendous value.”

LH – Calgary

“My experience of DJ as a coach was very positive. She created a safe and positive environment. She was very helpful, intuitive and nurturing as she gave me the time to process my information. She guided. Most importantly she asked the right questions to keep me going to get to the bottom – to the underlying issue. I found the process motivational and was impressed because I went deeper with limiting beliefs than I had expected.”

DF – Edmonton

“DJ brings a holistic approach to working with self. She coached me on how to get to the root of my negative belief and worked with me to establish a plan to overcome those beliefs. She brings insight, wisdom and non-judgment to the fold. By not only walking the walk but, talking the talk. She is professional, sensitive and open. She makes the process easy.”

YD – Calgary

“My experience of DJ as a coach was very wonderful and enlightening. She is a great listener, very insightful and suggested great direction. I learned tools I can use in the future for every aspect of my life.”

SD – Calgary


Why change the Company name from Solusrùn?

As some of you may know, I initially came up with the name Solusrùn for my company. I liked the Celtic feeling and it has a cool connection because it is from two Gaelic words Solus meaning light or knowledge and Rùn meaning love or intention. In other words I wanted my company to be coming from the space of light and love or knowledge and intention.

Based on some informal market research I decided to go back to my original idea and name my company Inflow Services. Inflow Services is easier for people to remember and intuitively connect to - we all know what it feels like to be in the flow. I have set the intention for Inflow Services to come from a space of light and love, and a space of knowledge and intention. I have learned that setting intention is perhaps one of the most important actions I can take to manifest the changes I want in my life. Intention is a golden thread you will find woven throughout our work together.