Welcome to Inflow Services

Hi there, you have arrived at the site of Inflow Services (formerly Solusrùn) and I am DJ McLean. The goal of my coaching work is to be in service to my clients as they transform their consciousness – as they develop their innate human and spiritual potentials and creative capacities. Through coaching they become the dynamic catalyst for positive change in the results in their own lives and in their relationships.

Inflow Services is about

"Empowering Infinite Capability"

Whose infinite capability?


Based in Calgary, Inflow Services predominately provides Coaching Services to individual and corporate clients. Inflow Services focuses on foundational, universal concepts such as love, truthfulness, personal accountability, contentment, intention, abundance, forgiveness and gratitude. Inflow Services combines these tools with sincere loving guidance to support you to find your “teacher within” and so empowers your infinite capability to step into your power and consistently ground from this strength.

"Step Into Your Power"